Welcome to my blog, I will be discussing epilepsy and its effects on college aged youth!

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Music By Dr. Dre – Let’s Get High

A satire on how the advancement of technology has made communicating more difficult.

Directed by Roger Bacon
Produced by Kayla Chin
Written by Ashton Avila
Director of Photography Allie Furlong
Edited by Colby Blanchet

Starring Derek Gould, Alia McAdams, Roger Bacon

Closing Time

Now with sound in synchronization!

iPhone project by Tim Burbank, Sarah Freeman, Jon Siv, and Cody Sumner.

Give A Little Whistle

Faith, like all girls must do, is growing up. As she enters the world, now as a young woman, she slowly learns that not all choices are black and white. “Give A Little Whistle” shows how one’s childish conscience’s gradually lift up from out of her imagination and into the archives of our adolescent memory.

Directed by Lindsey Poole
Written and Edited by Christopher Austin Smith
Director of Photography by Kaitlyn Bouchard
Sound by Scott Saypol

The Queen of Rags

Aaron Weininger

Ryan Curtiss

Alberto Javier


iPhone Video Blog

I could not get the 7D footage I was going to use as B Role to work with the iphone footage so this is all I was able to do. 


iPhone Video Blog

Uhhhhh this is an interview….blog…..video, shot on an iPhone.

Iphone Interview

I was interviewed by Allie Furlong about the Film Media Program at The University of Rhode Island. Check it out! :)




Aaron’s Meh iphone blog

Aaron’s Meh iphone blog


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